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Welcome to our site,

This website is a reflection of the work of our spirit group, of our aeras of interest, our current activities and whitch is meant for you.

A place of sharing and exchange where we hope you will find information which is useful andinteresting for you.

Generally speaking, the group’s activities revolve around the Spirit doctrine, written by Allan Kardec.

and completed by the work of many other Mediums and Spiritits and especialy the Spirit of André Luiz y el Medium Chico Xavier

We also have important secondary undertakings, such as charitable work and personal development. These activities help to put the teachings of the Spirit doctrine and philosophy into practice and into actions. 

Another very important aspect of our activities is to develop connections with other Spirit groups in France and also internationally, so that our work can develop, and also help to make their work better known. 

This is how we hope, through all of these activities and actions, to participate, on our level, to live better individually and together in our environment and on and around this little globe in our universe.

We welcome Spirits from all over France and all over the world to our group, either virtually or in person.

Our group does not follow a particular religious doctrine, is apolitical, and does not attempt to promote religious conversion.  We seek to ensure that everyone may be able to flourish without restrictions and free from personal or financial commitment which could weaken their physical and emotional well-being. 

Each year the agenda and the accounts are scrupulously followed up and made available to those who wish to consult them.

The activities of the group and the acts of its members, friends and guests must also be fully compliant with the laws of the French Republic.