Through all eras, human history has been marked by contact between the world of the living and the world of the invisible.  

From the end of the 19th century, the invisible world undoubtedly considered that humanity was ready to receive more direct and more widespread contact, thus making it possible to accelerate the process of evolution.

Taking into account the overall level of moral and spiritual evolution, and in order to structure and to attune the development of exchanges, Allan Kardec (real name: Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail) was chosen to be the great codifier of the Spirit Philosophy and Doctrine. 

At our level, in order to progress and also to participate in the evolution and in the spread of Spiritism, one also needs to master the fundamentals bequeathed by the wealth of work and study of others before us, from this world and from the other. 

So that all ideas and wishes may converge, thereby enriching this permanent evolution, our work must respect a classified and unified framework, which our group approaches in a structured and progressive fashion.  Our meetings are the opportunity to:

  • Study the fundamental spirtualist works
  • Understand life and world events from the angle of spiritualism
  • Understand the other world and the link between it and the world of the living
  • Understand the influence of spirits in our daily lives

Our meetings are held :

  • Twice per month virtually, depending on how the group moves forward and the availability of the members.
  • There is also a conference/presentation once every two months

Modalités :

Organisation :

The meetings last two hours.

They begin at 19h00 and finish at 21h00 (CET)

The topic is chosen from one meeting to the next

Generally the meetings are spent in the following way:

  • 5 minutes of welcome and introduction
  • 5 minutes of prayer and request of support from the guides
  • 50 minutes of study of fundamental works and study material
  • 30 minutes of constructive exchange and feedback on the chosen topic
  • 10 minutes summarising our exchange
  • 15 minutes of prayer and chains of thought
  • 5 minutes discussing the next topic

We take this opportunity to thank warmly the Centre Spirite Lyonnais Allan Kardec for the inexhaustible mine of information, contents and supports that its members make available free of charge on their website.